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EVO extra virgin olive oil

Pure daily delight

Conceived to be an essential element in the kitchen, this fine extra virgin olive oil completes the best dishes without altering their flavors, but by enhancing their depth
thanks to sensory and organoleptic notes of unparalleled value. Capable of preserving its characteristics even at high temperatures, it is perfect to accompany baked
dishes and fried foods of any kind. Ideal choice for chefs and connoisseurs looking for excellence of taste in the kitchen; it is extraordinary when used raw, and capable of
giving sublime crispness: just the right temperature, fragrant, dry to the eye and not too oily on the palate .

The result is a deep emotion


Leccino , Gentile Chieti , Frantoio


Colore verde/oro.


green/gold color.


Herbaceous fruity of medium intensity with notes of grass and almond.


Fruity, herbaceous with notes of almond and artichoke. Presence of bitter and spicy, a right combination. Harmonious and pleasant flavor of grass, almond.


It takes place at the end of October, waiting for the best time based on the climatic conditions of the year. We make it exclusively by hand, with care and attention. The harvested olives are immediately passed over, separated from the leaves and selected to eliminate those not considered suitable.


Is a very important process, on which the quality of the extra-virgin olive oil depends. Olives must be crushed after the harvesting. In this way, the taste of the olive is preserved. The result of this process is a balanced and harmonious oil, keeping the temperature of the okie paste below 27°C (cold extraction). The pressing must be carried out within 35-40 minutes.


At this stage the EVO rests in small tanks under inert nitrogen gas in order to avoid oxygen contact and therefore prevent an oxidation process. All this takes place in perfect locations for its best decantation, air conditioned and sheltered from light. CAN: black, attractive and elegant design. Available in the sizes 5L, 2L, 1L.

International Olive Oil Competition

International Olive Oil Competition
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