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Maria extra virgin olive oil

In the name of excellence

It would be too easy to describe this oil as the expression of the highest quality of the Tenuta Masciangelo signature brands, a simplification that would not honor the sophisticated complexity of a truly extraordinary oil. Everything in the Maria line is driven by excellence: patient picking of the olives of our centuries old trees, scrupulous selection that eliminates any imperfection, pressing done immediately after harvesting to preserve the richness of aromas, a packaging design that skillfully mixes references to the past and an innovative vision of the future. The result is an extra virgin olive oil of unsurpassable quality, able to amaze with its perfect combination of bitter and spicy notes, very low acidity, its aromatic richness and the high number of antioxidants.

The result is a deep emotion


Gentile di Chieti, Bella di Cerignola,  Frantoio, Caninese, Ascolana


Intense green colour.


Medium intensity herbaceous fruitiness with floral scents, green almond, peas, broad beans, asparagus.


Fruity green, herbaceous with notes of green almond, thistle, peas, broad beans. Light spicy note in perfect balance with a medium bitter aftertaste of short persistence. Flavour harmonic and pleasant aftertaste of broad beans, peas accompanied by notes of green almond.


It starts in early/mid October, when the weather is good. The olives are harvested with utmost care directly from the trees and then checked. They are separated from the leaves and selected one by one, in order to remove the damaged olives.


Is a very important process, on which the quality of the extra-virgin olive oil depends. Olives must be crushed after the harvesting. In this way, the taste of the olive is preserved. The result of this process is a balanced and harmonious oil, keeping the temperature of the olive paste below 27°C (cold extraction). The pressing must be carried out within 35-40 minutes.


The “Maria” extra-virgin olive oil rests inside glass carboys, away from light, in the places suitable for the settling.


Dark, elegant and originally designed. It’s available 70 cl. Size and 37,5 cl.

International Olive Oil Competition

International Olive Oil Competition
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